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SWORD MAX Thermal Plate

The plate to grow your business

An Edge over the Competition

Premium features, such as high-resolution capabilities, fast imaging, and long unbaked run lengths, let you deliver excellent quality print, on time and on budget.

Grow your business while keeping costs low.



Now you can have a single plate for multiple applications, so you can say “yes” to new business.

Excellent performance on a variety of substrates, such as metal, PET, and heavy-duty card, so you can use the same plate with no compromises for:

  • Commercial print
  • Offset packaging
  • Web press applications
  • Publications / books
  • UV, low-energy UV



SWORD MAX Plates were designed to withstand handling and transportation challenges, such as delays, heat, and humidity.

Plus, excellent scratch and scuff resistance and a long 18-month shelf life let you get maximum value out of each and every plate.


Chemical Resistance

  • Best-in-class chemical resistance
  • Long unbaked run lengths in difficult press conditions
  • Ideal for UV and low-energy UV applications


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