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Use of Short Ends, Recanned, and Factory Packaged Film

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This document was updated April 23, 2002.

Short Ends

A "short end" is unexposed film that is leftover from a roll of film after production is completed. Often these are collected and reused by the production company or they may be sold to businesses who resell these films at reduced prices to other production companies. Be careful when using "short ends" because the film may have been affected by heat, radiation, or keeping problems due to age.

Recanned Film

"Recanned" film has been opened and loaded into a camera magazine but hasn't been used. It is rebagged and put back in the can and contains the full sales length.

Factory Packaged

"Factory packaged" film has never been opened and still has the original can taping on it. However, if it is not purchased directly from Kodak or from an authorized Kodak dealer, it may have been shipped or stored under adverse conditions. You should test it before using it.

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