MAGNUS Q4800 Platesetter

The robust, highly automated KODAK MAGNUS Q4800 platesetter with the extra-large format (XLF) Pallet Load automation offers industry-leading speed and productivity with stability, easy maintenance, and superior imaging quality for extra large format web printers. Boasting the fastest throughput for XLF size plates for 96-page presses up to 2870 mm wide and market-leading throughput for 1,650 mm size plates with dual plate loading plus the most flexible pallet automation available with up to 8 plate sizes and 4,800 plates online.

Offset CTP

General Specifications


Thermal imaging head with dynamic auto focus and KODAK SQUAREspot thermal imaging

Automation Options

Optional pallet loader with automatic slip sheet removal, automatic load and unload system is configurable with up to four segments

Integrated punch

Up to 10 customized punch heads selectable from a list of punches qualified for the Magnus Q4800 platesetter. Automatic punching is operated according to a user-defined press profile. Maximum plate size along the drum for punching is 2083 mm

Performance specifications

Plate size

(along-press-cylinder x around-press-cylinder)

Plates per hour


W-speed with dual-plate option

1030 x 800 mm (40.5x31.5 in.)



1650 x 1265 mm (65.0 x 49.8 in.)



1804 x 1422 mm (71 x 56 in.)



2083 x 1600 mm (82 x 63 in.)



2870 x 1246 mm (113 x 49.0 in.)




±15 micron (0.6 mil) between two plates imaged by the same device


±35 micron (1.4 mil) between two plates imaged by different Magnus Q4800 platesetters


±30 micron (1.2 mil) between image and edge at registration points

Workflow connectivity:

Kodak Staccato 25 or 20 screen sets for Kodak Prinergy workflow software

Imaging specifications


2400 dpi or 1200 dpi

Physical characteristics


• Width of platesetter component: 6600 mm (260 in.) including the bridge
• Width of pallet loader: 4950 mm (195 in.) minimum for an pallet loader with one segment
• The total width of a multi-segment pallet loader is unique for each installation because the width of the pallet loader segments is customized for each customer's plate sizes and redundancy needs.
• Depth of Full-Size pallet loader: 4159 mm (163.7 in.)
• Depth of Compact-Size pallet loader: 3550 mm (139.8 in.)
• Height: 1690 mm (66.5 in.) to top of hood, 2360 mm (92.9 in.) to top of open hood
• Bridge-to-processor interface (plate eject height): 985 mm (adjustable)
• External vacuum pump enclosure: 695 mm wide x 1440 mm deep x 615 mm high (27.4 in. x 56.7 in. x 24.2 in.). The vacuum pump is located under the ejector bridge.
• Weight of platesetter: 3950 kg (8690 lb)
• Weight of plate ejector: 325 kg (715 lb)
• Weight of drum vacuum pump: 295 kg (649 lb)
• Weight of pallet loader depends upon configuration:
• First segment (common): 2770 kg (6090 lb)
• Additional segments: 400-800 kg (880-1760 lbs)