Fast thermal plate making

With imaging speeds up to 300 plates per hour, the KODAK GENERATION NEWS Platesetter is the fastest thermal platesetter designed for newspapers. Thermal imaging provides stability and consistency, which enables improved print quality, fewer remakes, and faster time to press.

General Specifications


830 nm laser thermal imaging, fully automatic, external drum


4 cassettes (standard). Each cassette holds up to 400 plates of the same size and thickness.
Optional: Capability to have up to 4 different formats online.

Fully automated; the cassette with the correct size plate is automatically selected according to the job definition. The unit automatically loads and unloads plates and removes slip sheets. Slip sheets are easily accessible from a front bin and can be removed while the platesetter is running.

Plate capacity
(0.3 mm plate thickness)

4 cassettes: 1,600 broadsheet size or 800 panorama size plates

Capacity of slip sheet bin: 1,800 slip sheets

Performance Specifications

Throughput in plates per hour (pph) @ 343 mm, 1270 dpi

Z speed: 300 pph
V speed: 200 pph

Throughput in plates per hour (pph) @ 890 mm, 1270 dpi

Z speed: 139 pph
V speed: 93 pph


10 microns (0.4 mil) between two plates imaged by the same GENERATION NEWS Platesetter


40 microns (1.6 mil) between two plates imaged by different GENERATION NEWS Platesetters

Workflow connectivity

TIFF downloader software connects to most third-party workflow systems. XPO TDL, TPDI with XML connectivity to third-party workflow system. Provides job and device status information.

Imaging specifications


4 resolutions: 1200 or 1270 dpi standard

2400 or 2540 dpi optional for V-speed only

Screening technology

AM screening, KODAK MAXTONE Screening and KODAK STACCATO Screening

Screening capability
(dependent on media qualification)

AM Screening: up to 200 lpi; up to 450 lpi with Commercial option

FM Screening: up to optional 25-micron STACCATO Screening

Image area

Same as plate size, minus leading edge and trailing edge gripper margins of 5 mm (0.2 in.) each.

Imaging up to 2 mm from leading edge is allowed in predefined areas.

Media specifications

Media type

Thermal IR-sensitive aluminum plates, 830 nm


For other qualified plates, contact your Kodak representative.

Plate size: Min. to max. around drum circumference

460 - 660 mm (18.1 - 25.98 in.)

Plate size: Min. to max along drum axis

Singe wide (broadheet): 275 - 450 mm (10.83 - 17.71 in.)

Double wide (panorama): 450.1 - 985 mm (17.72 - 38.8 in.)

Plate thickness

0.2 mm - 0.3 mm (0.008 in. - 0.012 in.)

Plateline equipment

Plate processor

Recommended: KODAK T-HDX Plate Processors (no preheat) or KODAK MERCURY P-HD Plate Processors

For other qualified processors, contact your Kodak representative.

Physical characteristics (platesetter)

Size (H x W x D)

183.5 x 185 x 322.5 cm (72.24 x 72.8 x 127 in.)


1,950 kg (4,300 lb.)

The platesetter is a Class 1 Laser Product and fully complies with EN60825-1 and US Federal Regulations 21 CFR 1040.10 - CDRH.