Optimize your quality. Maximize your profits.

When it comes to creating top quality print, inks are only one part of the equation. Designed to work on PROSPER Continuous Inkjet Technology, in harmony with our groundbreaking KODAK EKTACOLOR and KODACHROME Inks, our wide range of KODAK OPTIMAX Primers create the perfect surface for your print, no matter what you print on.

Optimized print surface for premium results. OPTIMAX Primers enable you to print on almost any substrate, while adding durability, vibrancy and color fidelity.

Better ink adhesion, faster printing and reduced ink coverage, resulting in lower material costs and faster drying times thanks to the ultra-thin coatings.

Achieve premium results on standard papers, reducing reliance on expensive, hard-to-source specialty papers.

Print on a wide range of specialty substrates including cardboard, flexible plastic and even glass, opening up new opportunities such as packaging and food-safe products

More environmentally friendly than do-it-all inks. OPTIMAX Primers are 100% water-based, contain low humectant levels, and improve de-inking for recycling.