Expand your print possibilities.

No one knows inkjet better than Kodak. And with over fifty-five years of experience under our belt so far, you can trust us to deliver the best color – every job, every time. EKTACOLOR Inks are formulated and manufactured by Kodak, ensuring perfect compatibility with your press or imprinting system. Available in both pigment and dye formulations, they offer unbeatable versatility.

Faster speeds and improved drying time. EKTACOLOR Ink's ultra-thin layers and low humectant levels mean your print dries faster and enables you to pack in more print jobs per day.

Brighter images, reduced ink usage. Kodak's nano-particulate milling process enables us to create the smallest pigment particle sizes on the market for improved color, clarity, and durability.

Available in both pigment and dye-based formulations, allowing maximum versatility depending on your needs.

Sustainable, speedy and safe. EKTACOLOR Inks are water-based, de-inkable and contain lower humectant levels for faster drying, improved sustainability and user safety.

KODAK OPTIMAX Primers improve print durability and reduce your reliance on costly pre-coated papers.