KODAK P-200 Film Cleaning System

P200 film cleaner

The KODAK P-200 Film Cleaning System, utilizing KODAK HFE 7200 Film Cleaning Solution, is an economical, compact and digitally controlled film cleaning system.

Developed in conjunction with Photomec, the system offers outstanding performance and flexibility making it ideal for film archives and libraries.

Colour touch screen provides complete and safe operation, graphical display of the solvent level, machine speed & footage and the status of the cleaner

Non contact laser sensor. The feed-plate tension is constantly adjusted as the film roll unwinds. Factory set but can be adjusted

Film speed controlled using a feedback encoder which ensures every roll is wound with consistent line speed and tension

P200 film cleaner panel

Colour operator control panel full control of the P-200 graphical display of solvent usage and level Toughened glass doors keep the cleaning environment dust free and ensures safety for the operator

P200 film cleaner buffers

Solvent delivered to the film via four precision manufactured atomisation nozzles to deliver precise amounts of cleaning solvent and air to both the film base and emulsion

Use of gentle medium speed rotary film buffers to assist in the distribution and drying of the solvent

P200 film cleaner rollers

Kodak PTR rollers ensure any loose dust particles are removed both prior to and after the film has been cleaned

P200 film cleaner solution

Kodak HFE 7200 film cleaning solvent supplied in 5 Litre canisters (directly into the Cleaning machine)

Solvent rate is adjustable but based on the standard film transport speed of 200 fpm (3657 M/hour) will enable the cleaner to clean 50,000 feet (15,240 Metres)

Solvent is pumped using extremely accurate metering pumps which are electronically controlled

  • Can be used as a rewind device
  • Has settings specifically for 35mm and 16mm; other film gauges are available on request from Photomec
  • Access to a LAN (avilable soon) — the cleaner can send emails with data such as footage cleaned and solvent level & usage.


Height 1305 mm (51”)
Width 800 mm (31”)
Depth 548 mm (21”)
Weight 200 Kg
Cleaner Power 115V or 230V, 50Hz or 60Hz, 920W
Compressor Power 115V or 230V, 50Hz or 60Hz, 686W


Product Catalog Number
KODAK Film Cleaning M/C 7434913
KODAK HFE-7200 Film Cleaning Solution 7434921