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KODAK Industrial X-Ray Film

KODAK Industrial X-Ray Films meet your most rigorous quality standards for consistent, excellent performance with market-leading innovations for the NDT industry.

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NDT Film and Chemical Solutions

Xray chemical containters

Industrial X-Ray Products

KODAK Industrial X-Ray Developer and Fixer

Manually or automatically processed in a range of processing cycles.

Emulsion Advantages

Advantage: T-GRAIN

KODAK T-GRAIN Emulsion delivers a state-of-the-art technology that maximizes contrasts for industrial radiographic testing applications. Expect superior attention to detail for each speed range.

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A Sharp Clear Quality Image Every Single Time

Clean image tone and low noise. The smallest details, revealed.

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Consistent Production Quality

ISO 9001:2015. Achieved through disciplined manufacturing.

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Durability with Fewer Artifacts

Static-resistant, heat-resistant, and incredibly sturdy. Even under pressure. Results? Fewer artifacts from handling.

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Competitive Pricing

Optimized product range. Designed to fit your budget. Our commitment to you.

Recommended Applications

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Aerospace and aircraft industry

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Archeological Artifacts

Icon paintings Scuptures 300x300

Paintings and Sculptures

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Composite materials

Icon nuclear Applications 300x300

Defense and nuclear industry

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Electrical Components

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Oil and Gas Pipelines

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Welds and Castings

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