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Specialty Chemicals

Across a three-building manufacturing complex at Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY, each facility is set up in a bay concept – three reactors and one centrifuge in each bay. Each cell operates as a single chemical factory providing the flexibility to run several different processes in one plant at the same time - all with a high degree of solid isolation capability.

Draw upon the expertise of Kodak Specialty Chemicals for knowledgeable process development, project management, disciplined and predictable scale up, world-class statistical process control, and custom and contract chemical manufacturing services.


Our batch equipment is configured to provide total flexibility in specialty chemicals manufacturing, which affords you complete flexibility of choice.
Contributing to our success are our world-class analytical instrumentation capabilities.
Kodak Specialty Chemicals operates at the intersection of imaging science and materials science, offering technical expertise and a history of innovation in chemical processes and products.