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Printed Circuit Board Custom Packaging

With our products, even the packaging saves you time and money

Kodak knows your business. That's why KODAK Printed Circuit Board Products feature packaging specifically designed to help you maintain cleaner, more efficient work processes in your cleanroom environment.

For decades, Kodak has offered an extensive portfolio of photoplotter films, chemicals and processing equipment developed especially for PCB applications.

Our goal is to improve every step in the imaging process for printed circuit boards. This includes the creation of innovative packaging to protect our products, reduce the likelihood of artifacts, and make your cleanrooms more productive.

With fewer remakes, lower waste, and increased yields, you'll save money. Your customers will appreciate your lower costs and higher quality. And, because Kodak's packaging can help you meet more stringent product requirements, you'll see opportunities for new business and increased profits.

Kodak Packaging for Chemicals

PCB Chemicals are packaged in 5-litre bottles that are induction-sealed to guard against leakage and keep our chemicals fresh. Easy to lift and easy to pour, Kodak's chemical bottles can be quickly cleaned before being brought into your cleanroom. They're also batch-coded and date-stamped for quality control tracking.

Kodak Packaging for Films

We take extra care with our packaging to make sure you can deliver a pristine stack of film to your photoplotter — quickly, easily, every time.

Between your film storage area and your cleanroom, packaging components — boxes, sleeves, case wraps — are left behind as they become unnecessary. Only the foil bag containing the film arrives in your cleanroom.

Right up to the moment a sheet of PCB Film enters your cleanroom work process, its integrity, freshness, and cleanliness have been carefully and rigorously protected.

Film Packaging Features

Two 50-sheet bags in 100-sheet box
  • Reduces chances of film damage by minimizing operator handling
  • Increases ease of use – photoplotter in-feed cassette drawers hold up to 50-sheets and no more
  • Lightweight packages provide easier handling
Clear plastic sleeve over foil bag
  • Protects foil bag from dust
  • Allows transfer of clean bag into cleanroom
  • Foil bag is easy to extract without getting it dirty
Durable foil bag
  • Multi-layer material provides an oxygen and vapor barrier
  • Vacuum-sealed for abrasion protection during shipping
  • Allows for longer shelf life over poly bags thanks to better film protection and cleanroom delivery
Comprehensive bag label
  • Provides complete product information and genealogy, including expiration date, batch code, description, size, quantity, and catalog number
  • Offers traceability and precise quality control inside the cleanroom
  • As product is consumed, bag labels can be placed in a log book for material tracking
Easy identification of emulsion side
  • Film is notched in the upper right-hand corner for easy identification of the emulsion side in darkrooms