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Printing & Coating

Why Choose Gravure Services from Kodak?

Kodak has successfully used gravure printing to manufacture a wide variety of products for demanding photographic applications for more than 15 years. We developed a roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing process for printing a vast number of solvent systems onto substrates as thin as 4.5 microns (18-gage) in a safe and cost-effective manner. And now we're giving you the opportunity to utilize our unique printing capabilities to manufacture specialty products, including printed electronics, synthetic membranes, filter media, solar industry components, thermal transfer ribbons, dye sublimation thermal media, and specialty printed inks.

What differentiates Kodak from other toll manufacturers is our ability to print 8 distinct functional layers on webs 1.6 meters wide and at speeds up to 330 meters per minute. We routinely coat layers as thin as 1/10 micron. From a single roll to a multiple roll event, our versatile solution-making, delivery and printing capabilities enable us to cost effectively meet a wide range of production requirements.

Use of lean manufacturing techniques, sophisticated state-of-the-art process control, 100% in-line printed substrate inspection, strict ISO 9001 management systems and on-site analytical laboratories provide world-class product quality and consistency.

Printing Equipment Capabilities

Overview of Solution Mixing Capabilities

  • Enclosed 150- and 400-gallon mixing vessels with temperature control
  • Eduction capability for introduction of dry or wet materials into mixing vessels
  • Automatic vessel cleaning process to ensure solution quality
  • Bulk holding tank capability to accommodate a large variety of solvents
  • Multiple powder handling systems with precise batch weighing capability
  • Small and custom solution batch preparation for special applications
  • In-line filtration capability to maintain solution quality
  • Solution sampling with in-process testing capability on site
  • Dedicated solution delivery system for each coating station with active flow, temperature and viscosity control
  • Recipe-driven process control for repeatable preparation of solution batches