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Thin Web Converting & Packaging Capabilities

Kodak has over 100 years of converting experience in roll-to-roll slitting, rewinding, and packaging of products to meet the exacting dimensional tolerances of the imaging and printing industries. Our slitting and spooling equipment is capable of converting a wide range of materials including plastic films, thin papers and thin gage metals and foils, among others.

Kodak also has a dedicated Packaging Engineering laboratory with fulltime resources to develop and test new packaging concepts and shipment methods. Our testing capabilities include package design optimization, effects of transportation, and environmental testing.

Our deep understanding of materials, slitting, and winding technologies, combined with our extensive process knowledge, allows us to meet the most demanding slitting and spooling requirements. With years of converting expertise, we can take your roll-to-roll slitting, rewinding, and packaging needs to a whole new level. Find out how Kodak can create a more efficient and cost-effective final customer package for your product.