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Advantages from cost to convenience


Savings from simplicity

Save time, money and effort. Our all-in-one fabric coating solution eliminates the need for cutting, sewing and hanging a separate liner. No more ordering and tracking of two parts—fabric and lining—to perform the single function of controlling light.


No limitations, no compromises

KODALUX Fabric Coating provides light-filtering or 100% blackout performance while maintaining the look, touch and feel of decorative fabrics. You can even tint our Fabric Coating to create custom colors to complement the fabric you choose.


Easy handling

Drapery produced with KODALUX Fabric Coating is thinner and lighter than existing light-control solutions. Which makes for easier handling and faster installation.


World-class performance, made in the USA

Fabrics coated with KODALUX Fabric Coating retain their flame-resistant, insulating and noise-reducing properties and meet all worldwide compliance requirements. And it’s manufactured in the USA.