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Polyester Films

KODAK ESTAR Polyester films (PET) offer the highest clarity, optical-grade surface quality for use in a variety of industrial applications. Films can be processed uncoated or with coatings on one or both sides of the material – up to three coatings per side. Coating options can include:

  • Adhesion Promoting Primers
  • Anti-static coatings
  • Gels, Suspensions, & Emulsions
  • Adhesion coatings for aqueous based inks



Highly flexible and dimensionally stable, KODAK ESTAR PET Films are extremely uniform, very resilient and cost effective, enabling manufacturers and product integrators to use them for multiple industrial purposes, including:

  • Labels & Printing
  • Metallization
  • Emulsion-based coating systems



  • Optical-grade surface quality – products are manufactured with minimal surface contact, then scanned to meet the stringent requirements for optical applications.
  • Greater than 90% transmittance with less than 1% haze
  • Available in a wide range of custom widths and thicknesses
  • Throughout the stretching process, films are transported on a cushion of air without roller contact to virtually eliminate micro scratches that can compromise quality.
  • Kodak’s Six Sigma Black Belt quality strategy includes statistical modeling and design, rigorous change management, and unsurpassed manufacturing process control.

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