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KODACOLOR Direct-to-Garment Ink

From film to fabric: Flaunt your Kodak colors

Fabric printer manufacturers and fabric printing businesses can turn to KODACOLOR Direct to Garment Inks for outstanding quality at a competitive price.

Kodak’s fabric inks are unique – leveraging proprietary ink dispersion technology with a 20-year history of ink development and manufacture, bolstered by decades of superior coating technology.

We deliver fabric inks that:

  • Provide exceptional color gamut: If you want the color, we can produce it.
  • Deliver pigment particle stability: Our inks have outstanding shelf life, settle less, and produce a more reliable high-quality image.
  • Superior feel: Your customers will love the way our prints deliver a soft, natural feel
  • Exceptional performance “in printer:” You can get more prints out between printer maintenance routines and our superior formulations ensure reliable jetting over time.


The Ink of Choice for Our Customers

Kodak has partnered with ColDesi, Inc., Digital Ink Sciences and Resolute DTG, among others, to bring Kodak’s impressive ink formulations to their respective hardware printing capabilities, with a goal of delivering superior garment printing results.

“We have rigorously tested these new inks and are thrilled with the performance,” said Grant French, Business Development Manager for Digital Ink Sciences.


Product Offering

Direct to Garment Inks offered

  • Epson DX5, DX7 and 5113 printheads: DTG ink sets, CMYK and white
  • Ricoh 2220, Gen4, Gen5 printheads: CMYK, white, orange and green
  • Kyocera: CMYK and white ink set currently being accredited


  • Fully compliant with California Proposition 65 and CPSIA
  • Oeko-Tex certification expected by Q2 2020


  • 1L bottles, 12 to a case
  • 20L jugs
  • 200L drums

Kodak DTG ink customers are authorized to use our technology mark on their packaging to promote sales.



Q. Do you offer DTG inks for the Brother GT3 or GTX printer?
A. No. We have no plans to offer DTG inks compatible with Brother printers.

Q. How do Kodak inks perform on attributes like wash, crock and “hand” / feel?
A. Our inks have been tested against other top tier companies and our performance for wash and crock is equal or better in comparative testing. Our customers find that Kodak inks have a softer “hand” (softer to the touch, more like the fabric itself) vs. other inks, some of which have a plastic type feel more like screen printing.

Q. What is the shelf life of Kodak DTG inks?
A. We specify a 1-year shelf life. Our white DTG ink is designed to “soft settle” vs. other inks we’ve tested which are difficult to re-disperse after sitting idle for weeks. All white inks require mixing or agitation prior to use but customers report that our white ink is easier to re-disperse.