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How Silver Fights Odor

Silver Antimicrobial Materials and Applications

The rapid growth in attention to hygiene cascades over into the need for products that reduce the growth of microorganisms.

How Silver Fights Odor

Physical activity creates a warm, moist, nutrient rich environment stimulating the growth of naturally occurring odor-causing bacteria from your skin. The bacteria are transferred to the garment during this activity.

On untreated textiles, bacteria can multiply exponentially in a few short hours. They consume the amino acids present in sweat and their digestion results in an unpleasant odor.

Textiles treated with Kodak’s product contain millions of micro silver crystals locked onto the fiber to fight odor-causing bacteria. Heat and moisture activate micro crystals to prevent the growth of bacteria and reduce production of unpleasant odor. This results in long lasting freshness and extended clean.

As a precious metal, silver has been safely used by humans for over 4000 years. Kodak’s product combines nature’s power of silver with modern science and technology in a safe and effective system for long-lasting freshness.


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