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KODAK AEROCOLOR III Negative Film 2460

Medium-speed color negative film for mapping and reconnaissance. Process AN-6 or C-41.

KODAK AEROCOLOR III Negative Film 2460 is a medium speed (ISO A Equivalent 125), very fine-grain color negative aerial camera film. It is designed for general use in medium- to high-altitude aerial mapping and aerial reconnaissance photography. 2460 Film has a wide exposure latitude for maximum exposure flexibility.

The film has a 3.9-mil (0.10 mm) ESTAR Base with a gel backing. Its improved scratch resistance and static protection properties enable cleaner scans and reproductions. Its hardened emulsion permits high-temperature processing in roller-transport. With unparalleled processing flexibility, it can be processed in both Process AN-6 and C-41.

Key Applications

2460 Film is designed for aerial mapping and reconnaissance and is ideal for geological, pollution, archeological, crop and forestry studies; traffic control; city planning; railway, highway and hydraulic engineering; as well as oceanography, remote sensing, and other areas where photogrammetry is used. It is also well-suited and recommended for use in digital film recorders, serving as both an acquisition and output film.