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KODAK VERSAMAT 885 Chemicals

KODAK Chemicals are specially formulated for KODAK Aerial Films in roller-transport processors. 

KODAK VERSAMAT 885 Chemicals include Developer Starter, Developer Replenisher, and Fixer and Replenisher. They can be used to process both aerial camera and duplicating films.


Normal-contrast negatives and easy, quick mixing make VERSAMAT 885 Developer and Fixer clear favorites among aerial customers. 885 Chemicals are mostly liquid concentrates, and the ammonium thiosulfate fixer provides shorter processing times.

Catalog Numbers

  • 1305002 - 38L VERSAMAT 885 FIXER RPLR
  • 1997915 - 34L VERSAMAT 885 DEVR STRTR
  • 8270548 - 60L VERSAMAT 885 DEVR RPLR

Calculate the cost of photochemicals (Excel spread sheet)

Product change notice: Manufacturing Source Change for KODAK VERSAMAT 885 Chemicals (PDF)