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What is Press On?

At Kodak, we believe in the power of print – and in its future. We are continually looking at the best ways to move print forward, and we see the same commitment among our customers and the print industry as a whole.

The Press On campaign celebrates that commitment by highlighting our print customers around the globe, focusing on their success and their work, enabled by Kodak products. We’re also exploring their facilities, looking at their sustainability efforts and visiting the communities in which they do business. Ultimately, we’re showing how our customers are helping to make the world a better place through print.

Press On with Tad Carpenter is a video series we’ve created to share some of those stories.

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Meet our host, Tad Carpenter



Tad Carpenter’s considerable talent is matched only by his infectious enthusiasm, curiosity and boundless energy. Throw in a genuine love for all things print, and he was simply a natural fit to be the host for our new Press On video series.

From a young age, Tad has been immersed in creativity. He’s a designer, illustrator, author and teacher. His father is an illustrator and has been a creative director for Hallmark Cards for nearly 40 years. His mother is a talented fiber artist. He also married a designer, Jessica, who is now his partner at their studio, Carpenter Collective, based in Kansas City, Tad’s hometown.

Their overall approach to branding, strategy, and design has attracted clients including Target, Macy’s, Coca-Cola, Ray-Ban, Nick Jr., MTV and Adobe. Tad’s work has appeared in numerous publications, and he has written/illustrated over a dozen children’s books in the market today. He also teaches Graphic Design at the University of Kansas and is a regular speaker at graphic design industry events throughout the country.

We’re thrilled to have Tad on board for our journey around the world to visit Kodak customers who are doing great things thanks to the power of print. To see more of Tad’s work and to follow his travels with Kodak and more, check him out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And remember to Press On.