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KODAK Solvent Recovery

Experience, Quality, Commitment to You

Kodak - a history of experience

Built from a legacy of quality, commitment, and innovation once dedicated to the film manufacturing industry, Kodak Solvent Recovery is now a commercial service provider open to all qualified external manufacturers.

The expertise, technical skill, and engineering the world has come to expect from the Kodak brand now drives innovation in solvent recovery.


Turning cost into capital

The world today demands sustainability in manufacturing.  Kodak Solvent Recovery takes this concept to your bottom line.

Our philosophy is built around the principle that all spent solvents and by-products have a value beyond disposal. We remanufacture materials to near virgin specifications - creating a quality solvent intended for use in production applications. A value we share with our customers as a reduced expense or as increased revenue.


Changing the way you manage your material

Just as Kodak has undergone a transformation, the Kodak Solvent Recovery group is about change. Our model changes the paradigm of managing industrial solvents like methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, and acetone. We create value where others see waste. Our strength is managing high volume, high water content, mixed organic streams and extracting the solvent locked within these streams.


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