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KODAK VISION3 Digital Separation Film 2237


KODAK VISION3 Digital Separation Film 2237 is designed for the postproduction suite and delivers black-and-white separation elements that offer centuries of image stability. This black-and-white recorder film is intended for making archival separations from color digital masters. This film has exceptional image quality with fine detail, tight grain, optimal resolution, and excellent flare characteristics. The emulsion is coated on ESTAR Base, offering premier physical performance and long term stability.

Content owners who want to protect their legacy can rely on this film to reproduce their original content with precision and with centuries of image stability.

While technologies in motion imaging continue to evolve, Kodak continues to provide innovative film products offering the industry options for the future.

  • Improved Image Structure : KODAK VISION3 Digital Separation Film 2237 offers improved image structure (sharpness and grain)
  • Optimized Spectral Sensitivity : Aligned for exposure on modern digital film recorders
  • Optimized Process Sensitivity: Excellent tone scale and exposure latitude allows for processing in either KODAK D-96 or D-97 Developer
  • Remarkable Consistency : Our rigorous quality process and strict manufacturing tolerances provide the same great sensitometric and physical uniformity you've come to expect from Kodak
  • xceptional Latent Image Keeping : Improved LIK allows for more product consistency during recording applications
  • Outstanding Image Permanence : Silver images on ESTAR Base offer excellence in image stability for preservation