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KODAK Process Monitor Analytics Software

Increase your Process IQ

Empower your staff to reduce waste and improve quality

Get the most out of your process data!

Let Process Monitor’s automated calculator engine manage your data for you. Its intuitive user interface will have you creating SPC Control Charts to characterize run-to-run variability. Use Synchronized Events for effortless visualization of repeat runs. Charts can be viewed across lines, products and plants.


Check out what the PV Calculator can do:

  • Extract time-based data using event marks.
  • Analyze process transients within runs.
  • Display time-series data aligned by process events.
  • Create and run Functional Analysis Based (FAB) macros.
  • Diagnose problems seen on the standard SPC chart.
  • Use alarm acknowledgement and specification limits to efficiently release product.



Key Program Features at Your Finger Tips

  • Over 500 analysis functions.
  • Customized reports.
  • Data comparison across multiple sites, equipment, and product types.
  • Offsite alarm notification.
  • Macro builder to create automated analysis programs.
  • Over 30 SPC limit calculation algorithms.
  • Overlay time trends from multiple orders or runs.
  • Available on premise or in the Cloud.


Manufacturing Challenges

Do these sound familiar?
How do I:

  • Analyze massive amounts of data?
  • Ensure product consistency across lines and plants?
  • Reduce lab-to-production time?
  • Limit expensive product testing?
  • Improve performance and yield cost-effectively?



Unleash the Power of Process Monitor Analytics Software and Turn Challenges into Solutions

  • Find process malfunctions or faults before they occur.
  • Predict product response performance.
  • Summarize massive and complex data to the actionable few.
  • Identify process disturbances.
  • Reduce off-specification product.


KODAK Process Monitor enables world class business performance

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