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Why Buying a Pre-Owned CTP from Kodak is a Smart Investment

  • May 05, 2017
Pre-owned CTP

Did you know that you can buy used CTP equipment directly from Kodak? For printers that need to upgrade their platesetter or want to grow their business with an additional machine, sometimes looking at used equipment is worth considering and may be the only option when capital is limited.

However, it can be a little scary to buy used equipment. If it breaks down or needs parts, it could end up costing more than expected, and there’s no guarantee the device will be able to perform at its original quality and throughput specifications.

Kodak takes away the risk with our KODAK Certified Pre-Owned CTP Program (KCP). When our customers upgrade to a new CTP device, we offer a popular CTP trade-in program that gives us unique access to a large pool of used KODAK Platesetters, and from this pool, we choose the best ones to be part of the KCP program.

Each CTP device in the program goes through an extensive evaluation, testing, and certification process, so customers can buy pre-owned equipment with confidence. The process starts with a comprehensive visual inspection, which ensures that the machine is complete and in good condition. We then replace filters and repair or replace parts as needed, using only genuine KODAK Parts. If the electronics are obsolete (SCSI), we upgrade to the latest electronics. We also install the latest and greatest software and firmware, the latest available computer hardware with the latest Windows operating system. (Some third-party used CTP equipment companies will install a “hack” setup with other hardware and software, which is a “workaround” for computer limitations but doesn’t address the obsolescence challenges of the “internal” CTP electronics, which are still SCSI.)

The end result of this process is a CTP device that is both certified to meet specifications for the original device using original parts and updated to the latest technology standards. Also, every CTP device sold through the KCP program is automatically qualified for a KODAK Support Plan.

We currently have a selection of certified pre-owned CTP devices in inventory with a range of automation, speed, and resolution options. Contact your Kodak representative to get a list of available equipment.