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QMC Group


How KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Software helped one graphic communications firm become ambassadors of change

Located just outside of Syracuse, NY, QMC Group is a multifaceted graphic communications solutions provider that offers a wide range of services, including digital publishing, multi-channel marketing, web-to-print, inventory management, printing, and finishing in the commercial world. QMC is a formation of three companies: Quartier Printing Company, Midstate Printing Corporation, and Cayuga Press of Cortland. These three businesses were all established between 40 and 70 years ago.

QMC Group

While all three companies had enjoyed success, one thing was clear: as a unified organization, QMC Group wanted to evolve and grow. The new organization needed to continue to offer quality solutions to customers while driving down costs and becoming more efficient. In order to do so, major savings of both time and money had to be facilitated.

A History with Kodak

Thomas House (CEO, Partner) and Jim LaForce (Prepress Manager, Partner) of Quartier Printing Company were not strangers to these challenges. Quartier Printing Company adopted KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Software in 2005. Early adopters of both KODAK PRINERGY Workflow, KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal and use of Rules Based Automation (RBA). Quartier learned how to leverage the software and maximize its value. Not only did PRINERGY Workflow’s more intuitive PDF workflow allow their current network infrastructure to last longer, but the innovative nature of INSITE and RBA allowed Quartier to reduce labor costs and serve customers in more remote locations.

Experiencing these major benefits firsthand, the former Quartier partners were eager to integrate this technology into the infrastructure of QMC.

“With PRINERGY and INSITE, our intelligent prepress did more intelligent things. It affected the production of our workflow immensely and changed the way we communicated with our clients for the better.”

Thomas House, CEO & Partner
- QMC Group


A Challenge of Culture

Despite the major benefits Quartier Printing Company experienced using PRINERGY Workflow and INSITE, they faced major pushback when first introducing the solution to the newly formed QMC Group. Some of the partners had utilized PRINERGY Workflow in the past but didn’t find they were getting any value out of the software. LaForce and House recognized this as a common misconception of PRINERGY Workflow.

“Many believe this software is to be used like a single vehicle for success. But it’s really more like a fleet. Without understanding what these tools do and how they relate to your customers, you can’t really embrace it fully.”

Jim LaForce, Prepress Manager & Partner
- QMC Group

Buy-in from QMC Group’s sales team was another major challenge to consider. PRINERGY Workflow and INSITE solutions offer massive cost-savings for both print businesses and their clients; without understanding how they accomplish this, the sales team wouldn’t be able to help customers envision the benefits of it either. “We had to figure out a way to break those barriers of miscommunication,” said House.

With full faith and confidence from LaForce and House, QMC adopted PRINERGY Workflow and INSITE automation solutions, and set out to adopt a unified best practice model that would deliver quality solutions and build stronger relationships with clients.


Implementing PRINERGY and INSITE

With the goal of bringing three distinct cultures into a singular best practice model, House and LaForce implemented PRINERGY Workflow with RBA and INSITE. Using their previous knowledge, the two partners worked with QMC Group as a whole to fully implement the software.

For QMC, the value of PRINERGY Workflow’s products came with the knowledge that the printing industry had changed and would continue to do so. For example, legacy practices such as creating physical proofs and waiting days for approval time were no longer necessary. With INSITE Prepress Portal, customers are able to avoid what House calls “practicing” by viewing a perfect rendering of a proof on their own screen.

To help their customers understand the massive value of Kodak’s workflow automation and the ways it simplified the print production process, QMC Group created a unified best practice model that centered around PRINERGY Workflow and INSITE’s vast capabilities. QMC Group also began incentivizing Customer Sales Representatives (CSRs) to promote the benefits of the software to customers as part of their process.

“Once CSRs were able to communicate the potential savings to our customers, it really was a no-brainer for them.”

Jim LaForce, Prepress Manager & Partner
- QMC Group


Seeing Results

Adopting KODAK PRINERGY, COLORFLOW and INSITE has resulted in major efficiencies across multiple areas within QMC:

  • 50% reduction in physical proofs
  • 25% increase in prepress productivity
  • 50% reduction in FTE support needed to prepare files
  • 30% savings in ink costs leveraging Kodak’s Ink Optimizing solution


Today, QMC Group utilizes INSITE Prepress Platform with 90% of their customers, many of whom directly associate their process with Kodak’s software, House says. Now that QMC Group is aligned under one fully automated work- flow process, they have cut costs significantly.

Perhaps more importantly, customer satisfaction has never been higher. Kodak technology has helped QMC to be more responsive to customers, while helping them save time and money on their process.

“INSITE gives us the performance, power, and saved time to get proofs where they need to be, in half the time.”

Jim LaForce, Prepress Manager & Partner
- QMC Group

QMC Group continues to utilize Kodak technology and experience results that have clients coming back time and time again.

“We’ve recently seen a massive resurgence of clients,” said House. “When it comes to Kodak, our testimonials speak for themselves.”


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