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Impressive, Accurate Color. Simply, Efficiently and with Less Ink.


Color is at the core of your business. In fact, accurate, consistent color is essential for customer satisfaction.

KODAK COLORFLOW Software produces accurate color while controlling cost and turnaround times. As the leading color management solution, COLORFLOW ensures accuracy and consistency across multiple devices in an efficient and predictable manner. And with G7 certification, COLORFLOW can help qualify your company for jobs requiring this certification.


  • Deliver better accuracy of color targets than any other workflow provider
  • Reduce labor and ink costs, and errors by managing color quality across multiple devices
  • Increase efficiency and accelerate turnaround by stabilizing your print output in less time, with less waste
  • Expand your business
    • Qualify for jobs requiring G7 certification and ISO12647-2 international standards
    • Supports most device and printing environments; offset, digital, flexo and gravure

Software Capabilities

  • Integrates the many elements and devices in a typical print production environment and manages the complex color relationships between them. This ensures all color control elements, curves, ICC profiles and spot color recipes, are used correctly together.
  • Used in conjunction with KODAK PRINERGY Workflow, COLORFLOW fully stores and automates precision color adjustments - align curves and profiles, and delivers throughput accuracy to boost production efficiencies, reduce manual tasks and potential operator error.
  • Harmony calibration streamlines workflow with a one system approach for integration and calibration.
  • Support ISO standards, international data exchange formats and job control specifications

Do More

COLORFLOW Pro Software
Includes all of the features of COLORFLOW Software, plus the ability to create and edit ICC device profiles and ICC DeviceLink profiles.

KODAK Ink Optimizing Solution
SAVE UP TO 30% while maintaining high color quality.* KODAK Ink Optimizing Solution applies sophisticated color-conversion intelligence to convert color blends and reduce the amount of CMY ink used without affecting the appearance of color images or the sharpness of text or line art.

Brochure (PDF)

*Ink savings vary depending on the amount of color and the color blends in a job.

KODAK Color Services

Hit the ground with your feet running with KODAK Color Services. Our experts standardize your color processes, optimizing your color quality and ink usage, while significantly reducing waste and time to market.

  • On-site services allowing for a faster learning process
  • G7 Certification and Re-certification services
  • Press and Proof Alignment

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Customer Successes


KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions such as PRINERGY Workflow, INSITE Portals and COLORFLOW Software are delivering the productivity advantages that Prisma requires to sustain its ongoing growth trajectory.

Success Story (PDF)


Sejerson DPS

Sejersen DPS accelerates turnaround and improves consistency with PRINERGY Workflow combined with COLORFLOW Software and KODAK PREPS Imposition Software.

Success Story


Diversified Global Graphics Group

DG3 uses COLORFLOW Software to precisely align color across devices, enabling integrated color control with PRINERGY Workflow.

Success Story


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