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Sejersen DPS

Meeting the highest print standards, with Kodak Technology

In a time when many trade shops and service bureaus are struggling to survive—or have disappeared altogether—Sejersen DPS is thriving. The secret, according to company owner Sejer Sejersen, is applying specialized talents, and Kodak’s workflow technology, to deliver a quality of work that exceeds some in-house prepress departments. “Many of our customers have been frustrated with the prepress departments at their printers, so they come to us.”

Many of Sejersen’s clients are national and international agencies and brands, he says, “We do a lot of ad preparation, where the ads will end up in magazines like Time or People or Sports Illustrated. There is ad work that goes to Germany, France and the UK, and packaging jobs that we send to Brazil and to China. We also manage the prepress for catalogs, where the client works closely with us up to the final proofs, and the files are sent to a printer in Texas or Los Angeles or wherever.” No matter what the print standard—SWOP, SNAP or GRACol—or the type of print screening, Sejersen’s team—equipped with Kodak technology—can handle it.

Sejer Sejersen
“We change a color setup, and then link the change to the job templates, and everything changes automatically. This is such a benefit for the way we work, with so many different variations of a job. It’s many, many times faster than it was in the past.”

Sejer Sejersen, President
- Sejersen DPS Inc.

Kodak tools streamline colormatching, file preparation and proofing

For file preparation, Sejersen DPS relies on a KODAK PRINERGY Evo Workflow with KODAK COLORFLOW Software and KODAK PREPS Imposition Software. Their array of proofers includes two KODAK Matchprint Inkjet Proofers, two KODAK Veris Digital Proofers, and a KODAK APPROVAL Digital Color Proofing System. “We have so many proofing systems that Kodak comes here to do beta testing,” he states. Monitor proofing does not suit his demanding clients, “We have customers who still absolutely must see a dot proof from the APPROVAL Proofer. And we are here to accommodate whatever level of proofing they require.”


Quick Facts

The Business

  • Established in 1996 and headquartered in San Diego, CA
  • 9 Employees


  • Prepress & premedia, proofing, wide-format printing, limited edition art prints

Markets Served

  • Advertising and design agencies, local and national corporate clients


KODAK COLORFLOW Software provides color consistency across devices, media, and standards

COLORFLOW Software has increased their ability to color-match files to a broad range of print targets. “Keeping color on target is very, very critical to us. COLORFLOW Software has been great. It does a fantastic job.” COLORFLOW Software automatically reconfigures the color space to match the output device, the print stock and/or the color standard. “Once the profiles are set up, everything clicks. The curves are right and it just works the way it should.” states Sejersen.

Integration with KODAK PRINERGY Evo Workflows brings efficiency

Sejersen DPS uses their PRINERGY Evo Workflow’s job templates to accelerate turnaround and improve consistency. They save enormous time and effort by automating changes to color profiles. “We change a color setup, and then link the change to the job templates, and everything changes automatically. This is such a benefit for the way we work, with so many different variations of a job. It’s many, many times faster than it was in the past.” Quality control has also improved. “When we had to manually change each template, inevitably one would slip by, and of course the customer would notice.”

Sejersen’s team creates their own color profiles, he says. “Even without a color expert, generating profiles is easy. You just follow the flow chart, it can’t get much easier than that. There are some specialized corrections, sure, but for all the basic profiling, and matching your proofs to your presses, COLORFLOW Software makes it a heck of a lot easier.”

Prepress represents about two-thirds of Sejersen’s business, and the rest is divided between wide-format digital printing and the printing of fine-art prints. COLORFLOW Software has helped them serve these markets as well: they have generated profiles for their wide format inkjet printers and the various medias. “I hope that people understand the value of COLORFLOW Software,” he says. “It can really save a business money, by taking care of all the color issues that they have to deal with.”

PRINERGY Evo Workflow meets the needs of the smaller shop

Sejersen says he and his team are extremely satisfied with the PRINERGY Evo Workflow. “In our situation, we don’t need the full features of the KODAK PRINERGY Connect Workflow—PRINERGY Evo Workflow does everything it’s supposed to, and it runs flawlessly. We don’t have any struggles or problems. In some cases we find that we have far more power than we need. It’s very rare that we have to call up support for anything. From a hardware and a software standpoint, we’ve been extremely happy”.

As a business owner, the fact that it is a mature, and popular product makes it easier to hire operators who already know the software. “There is a lot of value to that.” he says.

The fact that KODAK PREPS Imposition Software is tightly integrated into the PRINERGY Evo Workflow is a bonus, especially for prepress jobs that Sejersen runs for a regular customer, a local printer. “We use PREPS Imposition Software for everything we do for them. It’s such an industry standard—and again, it’s something that operators are very familiar with. Everyone that I’ve hired has known PREPS Imposition Software when I hired them.”

A Kodak shop, today and tomorrow

Sejersen sums up his business and his trust in Kodak. “We’re a Kodak shop, pretty much all the way through, and have been for years. Our workflow, our server and our proofing, it’s all Kodak.” With the help of a vendor he can rely on, he’s built a business that he feels confidence in.

“The need for the kind of help we provide, I don’t think that’s going to go away. Our customers continue to rely on us. We set them free from the hassle of worrying about monitoring color and all the technical details. When you think of the risk, of an ad placement that can cost tens of thousands of dollars for one insertion in a major magazine, or a catalog that will be printed far away, you want to be sure the file looks right. We are a very valuable insurance policy, and our customers love us for it.”


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