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Some services within the PRINERGY Cloud Platform are designed to work with 3rd party prepress software, while others such as the File Archive and Backup service are unique to PRINERGY Workflow.

No solution can provide for absolute data protection but the infrastructure provided by Kodak and the Microsoft Azure Platform provide for a high level of protection, including:

  • Data transfers that are encrypted
  • Built-in redundancy and backup
    • 3 copies of the job archive are stored on different storage devices in the primary datacenter
    • All data is backed up to another Microsoft data center no less than 500Km away
    • Resulting in 6 copies of each job archive

The File Archive and Backup service, which includes Decision Analytics, is currently available. This service provides superior levels of security and automates archiving for higher levels of efficiency. This service goes beyond off site storage by delivering better protection for your business’s critical assets, while reducing infrastructure cost and increasing operational productivity.

Decision Analytics provides you with a robust business intelligence solution to harness your data into actionable, fact-based decisions. The File Archive and Backup dashboard track:

  • Archive storage per server
  • Files archived, retrieved and deleted
  • Amount of data copied to / from cloud storage

Other PRINERGY Cloud services will be available soon.

PRINERGY Cloud is not just existing automation deployed as SaaS. PRINERGY Cloud delivers new, industry-first services to control cost and risk, and increase your ability to capitalize on market opportunities.

PRINERGY Cloud solutions offer many ways of keeping your costs in control. For example, you will lower your capital expenses on hardware and I.T. administrative overhead. KODAK PRINERGY Cloud’s Decision Analytics intuitive dashboards make it easy to understand your costs today and how they trend over time. This will enable you and your team to make fact-based decisions for improved planning and cost control.

System Performance Dashboards are Decision Analytics for your overall production system. They allow your staff to easily monitor production activity, errors & rework and performance optimization. Historical production trends assist you in identifying key growth opportunities, while a closer look at your production volumes help remove bottlenecks and improve productivity.


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