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Air Shipping Film

The requirement of x-ray scanning can be dependent on:

  • Is the Shipper considered a "Known Shipper" to the carrier
  • Is the carrier a passenger airline, a freight forwarder, or an integrated carrier
  • Is the shipment origin/destination within the contiguous 48 states

The recommendation regarding Air shipping of film products is for the shipper to contact the sales office of carriers to discuss their shipping needs including avoidance of x-ray scanning due to risk of damaged. The carrier can then provide the shipper with their requirements and processes. Carriers are aware of the sensitive nature of film shipments and are willing to work with film shippers as long as the carrier is in compliance with the requirements given to them by the Homeland Security Dept and the NTSB. Some air transportation options are:

  • Air Express for smaller, lighter shipments - including but not limited to companies like Airborne, FedEx, or UPS
  • Air Freight for larger, heavier shipments - including but not limited to companies like BAX Global, Eagle Global Logistics, Excel, or Emery
  • Passenger airlines for light or heavier shipments within certain packaging dimensions based on space available at time of shipment.
The air services provided vary from Next Flight Out/Same Day service to Next Morning, Next Afternoon or Second Day services depending on carrier.


More information can be found on the United States Transportation Security Administration web site: U.S. Transportation Security Administration