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VISION3 200T Color Negative Film 5213/7213


For filmmakers who aspire to capture the world as only they see it

Performance inside and out

VISION3 200T is a 200-speed tungsten film that provides the image structure of a 100 speed film with the versatility of a 200 speed product — offering you the benefits of two films in one. Experience the improved extreme exposure performance and consistent VISION3 Film family look. Enjoy the added flexibility and increased creative control that comes with all the detail captured in the extremes of exposure.


See the Difference

KODAK VISION3 200T Color Negative Film 5213/7213

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Suitability for Conditions¹

Day Exterior

Score: 3/5

Day Interior/Windowlight

Score: 3/5

Well-lit Studio (T)

Score: 5/5

Limited Light (T)

Score: 3/5

¹Suitability for conditions is a suggested use and does not represent the applicability of any film for artistic or specific purposes.


Suggested Filters

Suggested Filter for Color Balance for Daylight Use 85
Suggested Neutral Density Filter .6 to .9

Suggested Neutral Density Filters are general suggestions for each film used in a "daylight" situation to help avoid overexposure of high-speed films and to support lens performance. All filters are not created the same, and you should be aware of its individual performance properties before using them.



Automatically log frame indexing numbers from negatives and workprints in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually.

KeyKode EO


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