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KODAK VISION3 Color Digital Intermediate Film 2254


As the digital workflow evolves, Kodak's tradition of providing leading edge intermediate films continues. Responding to the needs of customers around the world, Kodak has developed new films featuring state-of-the-art technology, providing excellent image quality and improved efficiency in digital postproduction.

KODAK VISION3 Color Digital Intermediate Films are designed as part of an integrated end-to-end solution, providing a bridge between the outstanding performance of Kodak Color Negative Films and the show quality of KODAK VISION Color Print Films. The new films are available in both ESTAR and acetate bases.

Filmmakers love how the faithful color reproduction and improved sharpness of the intermediate films help retain their original vision. Post houses and laboratories appreciate the performance benefits offered by the films. And the ESTAR Base version (2254 Film) offers exceptional dye stability, allowing for extended asset life.

  • Universal Compatibility: KODAK VISION3 Color Digital Intermediate Films offer excellent performance in virtually any recorder: laser, CRT, or LED. Now, confidently use just one digital intermediate film for maximum productivity when writing from digital files.
  • Improved Exposure Efficiency: The new films offer up to 1 1/2 stops greater exposure sensitivity than KODAK VISION Color Intermediate Film 2242/5242, resulting in improved efficiency in digital postproduction.
  • Remarkable Consistency: Our rigorous quality process and strict manufacturing tolerances provide the same great sensitometric uniformity that you've come to expect from Kodak.
  • Excellent Dye Stability: Dye stability predictions for 2254 Film indicate more than a century of stability when stored in recommended conditions.

The postproduction workflow is still evolving, but one thing hasn't changed: Kodak continues to provide innovative film technology that generates excellent performance.