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A New Company

Miraclon is the home of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions and the only Kodak presence in the flexo space.

For the last decade our people have worked closely with our customers to transform the flexo industry and produce better packaging for consumers.

Now under the Miraclon banner we’ll be taking what we do to the next level. Same global team. Same skills. Same insight and industry knowledge behind us. Added flexibility, focus and ambition.

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For the best in packaging printing – start to finish.

Brand expectation. Consumer demands. Industry competition. The pressure on packaging printers to deliver leading edge quality is higher than ever before.

We understand that pressure because we feel it too. Working closely with our customers at every step of the print process means we can predict challenges and innovate to resolve them, with products that take print quality to new heights, increase cost efficiency and maximize productivity.

Focused on customers

Through pioneering imaging science, research and development, we ask questions and build solutions that continue to raise standards and transform flexo. All so our customers and the brands they work with can create the very best packaging for billions of consumers worldwide.


Leading the way

Our end-to-end solutions, including our flagship KODAK FLEXCEL NX System ensure best-in-class quality at every point in the print process, from our thermal imaging technology and groundbreaking digital flat top dot technology to our robust and highly capable platform that delivers true manufacturing productivity.


With the same global team

Same breadth of skills

Same depth of knowledge

Same drive to lead

Same KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions

But with add extra flexibility and focus, investment and ambition to shape the future of flexo.