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On-site Analytics

Specialty Chemicals

Kodak Specialty Chemicals’ world class Statistical Process System features a secure online portal enabling customers to access and monitor each step of the process in real time from their own desktops.


Real-Time Quality Control

Kodak customers enjoy the benefits of real-time access into the health of their products and processes through our On-site Analytics dashboards.


Control Charts provide a visual representation of each process

Control Charts visualize your processes through numerous, specific parameters.  This is especially valuable if you have a frequently running process.

The CpKs give a quick summary of the robustness of the process.


On-site Analytics provides exceptional visibility and control of your supply chain

Need to track the level of a critical impurity or report on the process capability of your product?  Log in from anywhere at any time and visualize the same information Kodak’s technical staff use to determine the health and maintain the robustness of our many products.


Unparalleled Transparency

Few companies offer the transparency into your chemistry that Kodak’s On-site Analytics provides.