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The Kodak Park Works by Justin Scalera

April 11-June 29, 2019
The Gallery at Kodak Center



Monstrous machines and imposing facades. Antique infrastructure adorned with yellow and red signage. Now it is but an amalgamation of sleeping and enlivened giants. They are monsters of steel and brick, with blood made of steam and oil coursing through their veins. Justin Scalera took on the impossible task of reducing Kodak Park’s monolithic structures to 4x5 inch pieces of chemically sensitized plastic. Working under the standards of the National Park Service Heritage Documentation Programs, he set out to create an objective document of the framework that holds the park together and the machines that live inside. Some lie idle, while others are hard at work continuing the legacy Kodak has sown, and others have taken on a whole new life, thrusting Eastman Business Park into a lively and exciting future.

“Employees of The Kodak Park Works spent their whole lives inside the fence line. I spent a single year. But my only job was to look. To look and to interpret and to capture. Making sense of a tangled mess of industry and transfiguring it to a rectangle. It was humbling and tiresome, but mostly it was an honor. It was an honor to get lost in the labyrinth. An honor to document it from within using materials made possible by the very buildings I stood beneath. These photographs are dedicated in reverence to The Kodak Park Works, with an eye to the past and looking forward to the future.” Justin Scalera

The Kodak Park Works book is on sale now for a limited time at the Kodak Center Shop. Limited edition 50 copies.

The Gallery at Kodak Center
M-F 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Free to the public

Organized by the Kodak Camera Club