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KODAK Racing Drones powered by Thrust UAV

RIOT 250R Pro Sport Drone

$449.00 MSRP

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Strap into your seat for one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. Manufactured and racetuned with the highest and most precise standards, the KODAK RIOT 250R Pro Sport Drone blurs the lines of reality by putting you in the seat of a craft capable of performing mind-blowing maneuvers at 75+ mph. Its sleek, eye-catching design is packed with our latest technology from nose to tail. So see, it is all about the speed.

KODAK RIOT 250R Pro Sport Drone
KODAK RIOT 250R Pro Sport Drone



  • 250mm ARF FPV Racer
  • White gelcoat carbon fiber frame
  • STM F4 Flight Controller running optimized version of Betaflight
  • Modular Integrated Flight System with on-screen display (OSD) to view battery voltage, battery capacity, and video frequency
  • 49 bright, customizable RGB LEDs, diffused through polycarbonate risers
  • FPV camera: CCD 600TVL, exceptional wide dynamic range
  • Multishot enabled DYS XS Speed Controller
  • Thrust-UAV tuned DYS SE2205 2550kv motors
  • GEMFAN Flash 5152 tri-blade FPV props
  • 75+ mph
  • Droneology access code
  • FPV Freerider software license
  • Durable vinyl skin


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