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KODAK 3D Printing Filament Flex 98

Thermoplastic Polyurethane


  • Make soft objects.
  • High abrasive resistance.
  • Very strong, hard-to-break objects.

Main applications:

Elasticity and impact resistance.



TPU or Flex opens up a great deal of interesting shatter-resistant and bendable objects. You can make living hinges with it, and combine it with rigid plastics. You cannot make breakaway supports with it but you can easily clip the supports with a knife. Its high interlayer adhesion prevents objects from easily breaking along the Z axis.


Recommended printer settings

Print temperature: 235°C +/- 5°C.
Print bed temperature: 50°C.
Fans: low or off.
Closed environment: not required.
Notes: print SLOWLY, under 30mm/s, and without retraction; use constant speeds and do not use sprays or glues on glass print platform.




Diameter tolerance

Roundness accuracy

Moisture content

1.75 mm

+/- 0.02 mm


< 0.02%

2.85 mm

+/- 0.03 mm


Physical properties



Test method


1.16 g/cm3

ISO 1183/B

Hardness (5 sec)

55 +/-3 Shore D

ASTM D-2240


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