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KODAK Digitizing Box

Safeguard Your Family’s Memories

Fast. Safe. Easy.

KODAK Digitizing Box is a simple and easy way to professionally digitize your old tapes, film, photos, and audio recordings so that generations can relive and enjoy your priceless recorded family moments.


Mail-in processing. Perfected.

Simply send your KODAK Digitizing Box, filled with tapes, film, photos, and audio recordings. We’ll do the rest, digitizing your moments onto a thumb drive, the cloud, or DVD.

We provide state-of-the-art tracking, barcoding, and personalized updates at every step. We've combined the experience of the past, with the technology of today, to make it easy and safe.


What you get...

What you get

Choose from:

Secure Thumbdrive
Digital Download

Your originals are also returned.
Keep the box for storage.

How it works...

  1. Order your box
    You'll receive:
    • Digitizing Box
    • Barcodes
    • Prepaid shipping label
    • Instruction guide
  2. Barcode your items
  3. Pack and ship

It's that easy!

How it works


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The Kodak trademark, logo and trade dress are used under license by AMB Media LLC.