KODAK TRENDSETTER Q2400/Q3600 Platesetters

Built with the same award-winning thermal imaging technology and advanced engineering, these latest platesetters offer improved quality and reliability.

Resolution Productivity
2400/1200 dpi
Up to 25.2 plates per hour
(1,030 x 800 mm plate)
5080/4800, 2540/1270 dpi
Up to 16.4 plates per hour
(2,083 x 1,600 mm plate)

Superior Stability and Reliability

The TRENDSETTER Platesetter family, offers outstanding quality and reliability for large-format plate making. This manual device can help printers increase throughput by imaging large-format plates up to 1600 mm x 2083 mm.


Film Imaging Option

Expand your capabilities with the Film Imaging Option for DITR thermal film. This includes hardware required for film imaging, including film registration sensors and indicators, debris collection system, and external venting system.


Time Tested Technology

  • Benefits of Thermal Platesetters
  • SQUAREspot Imaging Technology for accurate and stable imaging
  • Low Environmental Impact with KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates


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