700 Print Manager

The 700 Print Manager is a digital front end that lets you run your press at peak performance - with easy set-up, a sophisticated job queue, early preflight checks, and on-the-fly job correction. Our scalable design lets you operate at speed using the minimal hardware required.

Capitalizing on Kodak's expertise in imaging and color science, the 700 Print Manager helps you achieve results that will delight your most demanding customers.


Error Diffusion

Our screening technology, called error diffusion, is the highest-quality screening algorithm in the business. So you get smoother midtones, less grain, higher contrast, and better acuity. Giving you the highest quality with the least amount of ink.



Adobe PDF RIP lets you handle complex graphic arts jobs and transparencies. It also imparts more flexibility - so there's less pre-flight re-work for you. Your process is virtually mistake-proof. And your results are accurate and fast.



The 700 Print Manager supports open standards and optimized connectivity through JDF/JMF to all digital print systems, reducing operating costs, improve efficiency, and reduce turnaround times.



The Prosper 6000 Presses can be configured to print in a variety of different modes, such as: 4 color simplex, single color simplex, 4 color duplex, single color duplex, 4 color over one color.


Text Enhancement

Prosper Presses have a unique font enhancement technology that lets you digitally enhance text.


Ink Estimator

An optional feature on the 700 Print Manager lets you submit your file and get an ink count to estimate your job - without printing the job! Run a quick estimate and get a 90-95% accurate result. Or a high-quality estimate, and find exactly how many inks drops and what each image will cost.



The 700 Print Manager features Restorepoint, which stores press settings - including hardware settings like dryer temperatures, turn bar, and nip pressure settings. Now you can change paper - or jobs - faster than ever.


Gallop Mode

There's one sure-fire way to increase your production - print faster! So we've combined data input, ripping, and printing into one function, letting you print and RIP at the same time.


Simple Job Setup

We feature a simple Windows interface for 1-time setup of imposition, color management, registration, and finishing marks. Then just save and use it in job ticket format, or use hot folder integration.


Production Tracker

Production tracking lets you connect to an ODBC-compliant database. It records production data for later integration with queries from MIS systems.


Color Tool Kit

Use our Color Tool Kit for setting up CMYK Jobs… and you're productive from Day 1! It includes the Adobe creative suite, a pantone guide, an image quality guide, and Pit Stop - so you can diagnosis and much more in pre-flight.