Prosper 6000C Model

Thanks to enhanced drying capacity, the PROSPER 6000C Press is ideal for commercial print applications where heavier stock is used.


Prosper 6000P Model

The PROSPER 6000P Press is designed for customers focused on publishing and applications that typically use lighter stock.

Prosper 6000P



Depending on your facility requirements, the PROSPER 6000 Presses are available in L- and U-shaped configuration


Paper Path

The Prosper 6000 Presses allow you to choose the best paper path for each job.


Straight Paper Path

The shorter, straight paper path can be used for lower ink coverage jobs like mass market books, letter solicitation mail, and textbooks. (Uncoated papers, Less than 20% ink coverage)



Extended Path

In both press models, we have an extended paper path that can be used to extend drying time and web cooling time. It's great for direct mail, catalogs and other high-end applications. (Coated papers, Higher than 20% Ink Coverage)