Imaging Process

Every printing technology balances productivity, quality, and cost. Our flexible solution lets you print a wide range of applications and makes longer run lengths of variable data printing possible… and profitable.



Drop on Demand

Kodak Stream Inkjet Technology's drop velocity is almost 3 times faster than drop-on-demand technologies - and drop placement, accuracy, and uniformity result in superior image quality.


Continuous Inkjet

Continuous inkjet technology delivers a high-pressure, continuous flow of ink and enables constant operation, without the stops and starts that hamper production.


Stream Technology

With Kodak Stream Inkjet Technology, inkjet cleaning is constant, ongoing, to ensure longer printhead life.


Ink Formulation

We manufacture our inks in state-of-the-art facilities, carefully controlling the entire process to maintain consistency and quality, while guarding against contaminants that could compromise performance. Every formulation is tested and tuned on Kodak equipment running in real-world conditions.


Air Deflection

We use a unique air deflection process to catch nonprintable droplets - for recycling and reuse.


Image Detail

The Prosper Press achieves up to 200lpi - quality that exceeds current inkjet technologies. And it maintains its high-quality, accurate color over long runs, thanks to in-system monitoring.


Nanotechnology Inks

Kodak's nanotechnology inks - developed for systems using Stream Inkjet Technology - deliver exceptional vibrancy and color consistency.


Color Gamut

Capturing the attention of today's media-saturated audiences takes real impact. Full-color and near-photographic image reproduction help achieve that. Delivering uniform pigment smaller than a wavelength of light as well as outstanding color image quality.


Writing System

At the core of each press are precise jetting modules that deliver ink to the substrate with simplicity, speed, and reliability. A single array of jetting modules reduces image artifacts, doubling, and misregistration while drop-on-demand -- with multiple arrays - increases incident rates and quality issues.



With Stream Inkjet Technology, inkjet cleaning is constant and ongoing. Even with pigment inks, we ensure long jetting module reliability.