Outstanding Quality

Quality is the cornerstone of any printing press, and Prosper 6000 Presses feature the world-renowned print quality you expect from Kodak - page after page, day after day. Now you can deliver stunning quality, made possible by system elements available only from Kodak.


Intelligent Print Systems

Within the Prosper Intelligent Print System (IPS) is a suite of cameras working in concert to perform closed-loop, color-to-color registration during runtime.


Substrate Flexibility

Industry-leading substrate flexibility is built into the Prosper Press Platform. So you meet diverse paper specification requirements more often.


Paper Certification Program

Our comprehensive printing presses address the complete range of papers better than any competitor. And simplifies your paper selection process, so you hit your quality marks.



Our Restore Point feature lets you restore settings of repeat jobs. Additionally, if Restorepoint recognizes a new paper, it provides baseline settings for your machine - including ICC profiles, a media package of your color, and starting points for dryers and tensions. This gets you to production faster.


Professional Services

For a list of qualified vendors, contact your Kodak salesman. If your preferred vendor is not yet rated, we'll be happy to work with them to qualify their papers on the Prosper 6000 Presses.