From in-feed to take-up, the Prosper 6000 Presses feature a reliable design optimized for productivity.

With advanced rollers, air-based turnbars, and an exceptional air management system, substrates move through the press at lightning speeds.



With its tight web input, the new Kodak Prosper 6000 Presses make it easy to web the press and make roll changes. The unwind and in-feed enhance productivity with several features, resulting in higher efficiency and faster set-up time.



Along with air-cooled dryers, we have 6 interstation NIR high-intensity dryers for the 6000P and 8 interstation dryers for the 6000C.



The turnbar in the new Kodak Prosper 6000 Presses is a low-friction, error-assist turnbar with no replaceable sleeve and no wear component, for less operator intervention.


Air Management System

Condensation occurs when the web is heated because warm, moist air is created as water-based ink is dried. This warm, moist air travels with the web; air knives take warm air out before it has a chance to condense on cooler surfaces on the press.


Anti-Wrinkle Rollers

Wrinkle prevention is designed into the press with profiled rollers at strategic locations across the entire paper path. So imperfections are reduced while productivity is optimized.



The out-feed drive is similar to the in-feed drive - both have a high-grip, plasma-coated, drive roller and a full-width solid nip roller on the out-feed. Key rollers are designed to help maintain consistent tension on the web. That means fewer imperfections like misregistration and wrinkles.


Operator Maintenance

We've made the Kodak Prosper 6000 Presses as easy to maintain as possible, through comprehensive online help and writing system interface designed with the operator in mind.