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KODAK PROSPER Press Platform

Efficiency, Quality, Scaleability, Choice

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The book industry is at a tipping point in its history. Run lengths are getting shorter and publishers require quicker turnarounds and one stop shop for all their printing needs.

Digital printing allows for efficient production of books that closely follows the demand curve and helps minimize costs related to ordering, over production, inventory, returns, wastage and more.


Ideal Platform

The KODAK PROSPER 1000 and 5000XLi Presses along with integrated Book manufacturing solutions provide an ideal platform for short run books with economics that break even with offset production at run lengths of up to 7,000 books including returns of obsolescence.



Optimize your supply chain by producing the right quantity at the right time and reducing waste



Improve shelf appeal and retention with photographic quality covers and high impact color content.



Meet the needs of today and tomorrow with modular solutions built on open architecture.



Select the solution that is right for you from the only supplier with electrophotographic and inkjet solutions.


Unified Workflow Solutions

With offset class output and reliability, KODAK PROSPER Press book solutions featuring KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions provide seamless integration of offset and digital book production without compromise.


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