Benchmark Productivity

Drive more jobs per shift and more profits per page with presses that deliver highly productive operational performance.


Front End

The powerful KODAK NEXPRESS Front End combines proprietary hardware, a high-end computer with RAID storage, and leading-edge software to handle complex jobs such as photo services, high-end direct mail, and demanding variable data jobs without slowing down the press.


Self Service

The NEXPRESS ZX Platform is designed to empower you. In fact 90% of press maintenance can be performed by the operator because of the easy to replace Operator Replaceable Components and the NexPert operator support system.


Operator Replaceable Components

Operator Replaceable Components (ORCs) are recyclable components that can be rotated for extended life.  Customer operators (not service engineers) make replacement decisions—empowering them to control quality, control productivity, control costs, and manage service schedules to maximize up-time.


The Process

View the ORC replacement process in the image galleries below, use your keyboard keys to navigate within the gallery.

Environmetally Friendly

The NEXPRESS ZX Platform is environmentally friendly to the Earth and to the press operator. Our HD Dry inks contain no VOCs and do not pose a hazard to employees. This means there is no need for masks and suits when cleaning up.


Environmental Control System

The Environmental Control System is a built-in system that maintains the temperature and moisture automatically. This means the press can run in any environment inside a print shop.


Imagery includes computer rendered, not actual print samples.