With the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Platform, you can deliver exactly what your clients demand.


Paper Path

As paper feeds into the press from either one of the 4 drawers or the external feeder, it passes sensors that check to prevent misfeeds and double sheets. The paper is aligned in track to ensure accurate registration. As paper moves from the feeder to the Automatic Sheet Positioner (ASP), it adjusts for any skewing before it hits the imaging path.


Automatic Sheet Positioner

The Automatic Sheet Positioner aligns the paper for exceptional registration.


Imaging Unit

The primary charger electrostatically charges the imaging cylinder within each of the five imaging units.


Imaging Process

The LED writing head generates a latent image on the imaging cylinder. The dry ink station then applies a dry ink to the cylinder. This process of transferring from blanket to imaging cylinder closely resembles offset.


Blanket Cylinder

The flexible rubber surface of the blanket cylinder adapts to the extensive range of substrates.


Imaging Stations

The process takes place in each of the press' imaging units, applying the process colors sequentially: Black-Yellow-Magenta and Cyan. When engaged, the Fifth unit prints last.


Fifth Imaging Unit

The award-winning NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions let you customize your press in minutes. Use Light Black for smooth neutrals and superb detail, Intelligent Color for expanded gamut (broader spectrum of colors), Clear Dry inks for dimensional design enhancements, Gold Dry ink for richer gold and color metallics, MICR Dry and Red Fluorescing Dry inks for financial and security applications, or add a durable protective coating, gloss or spot gloss.



The fuser applies heat and pressure to bond the dry ink to the paper. The result is a dry sheet that can be immediately finished.


Same-Edge Perfecting

With the innovative same-edge perfecting technology, the lead edge of the sheet is the same for both single-sided and perfected output, ensuring precise register. The paper is rotated 180 degrees as it passes through the mechanism to help provide tighter registration.




The high capacity delivery unit holds up to 5,000 sheets, and the proofing tray allows for 500 sheets with immediate viewing; no need to shut the press down to proof sheets.