Go Beyond Offset

At the highest quality to the finest detail, The KODAK NEXPRESS ZX Press consistently provides photographic image quality, beyond offset quality.


HD Inks

KODAK NEXPRESS HD Dry Inks and Developers work together with improved imaging unit components and intelligent software modules to deliver offset-class, smooth, flat tints, richer deeper black, photo quality images, and exceptional consistency over time.

Density Control

The Density Control system maintains consistent quality through automatic corrections no matter how long the print run. This means less operator intervention and faster delivery.



LED Imaging

Multi-bit LED Technology allows NexPress to achieve photographic image quality, more uptime, and consistent color quality. Our Multi-bit LED technology enables 256 levels of exposure on one 600 x 600 dot and can be adjusted to maintain consistency. 



The Intelligent Calibration System automates the process of checking and maintaining print uniformity so you can optimize quality & consistency from first sheet to last.


Imagery includes computer rendered, not actual print samples.