Process Free for Newspapers

Designed specifically for newspapers, SONORA NEWS Process Free Plates eliminate the costs, time and environmental impact of plate processing, plus they offer the productivity that newspapers need to keep the presses running.



SONORA NEWS Plates can help newspapers be more sustainable. Even "chemistry free" plates have a gumming or clean-out step and use processing equipment, but SONORA NEWS Plates eliminate all the chemistry, water, and waste associated with processing. Once imaged, the plates are ready to be put on press.


Lower Operational Costs

The cost savings make switching to SONORA NEWS Free Plates an easy business decision. Newspapers save on chemistry, water, processor maintenance and chemistry disposal. Since there is no preheat, they also save on energy costs from running the ovens and maintaining climate control.


High Productivity

Fast imaging speeds, compatibility with highly-automated CTP devices, and faster time to press by skipping the processing or clean-out step are all features that make SONORA NEWS Plates ideal for a fast-paced newspaper operation.


Thermal Quality & Stability

With SONORA NEWS Plates, newspapers can realize all the benefits of thermal imaging, including unparalleled stability, repeatability and outstanding print quality.


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