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Kodak Hosts VIP Inkjet Summit in Dayton, Ohio

  • August 08, 2017

Analysts and journalists from around the world in the digital print industry traveled to Dayton, Ohio, June 13-14 to learn more about Kodak’s current and expanding range of digital print applications as part of the company’s VIP Inkjet Summit.

The summit, themed "Expanding the Boundaries of Digital Print," highlighted the benefits of Kodak's latest inkjet technologies aimed to increase customers' print volume across a wider range of applications. The two-day program focused on four subcategories that touched on different aspects of Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division, including its broadened reach into new applications, widening the range of addressable print volume, expanding substrate range and augumenting the business model to reach OEMs.

The event reinforced the health of the digital print portfolio, which includes the KODAK VERSAMARK, PROSPER and ULTRASTREAM technologies. Kodak CFO and Senior Vice President David Bullwinkle discussed why the decision was made to retain the PROSPER business and the role each of the EISD technologies play in the company's overall financial health.

The KODAK VERSAMARK and PROSPER businesses had Q1 revenues of $37 million, compared with $34 million in the same period in 2016 – an increase of 9 percent.

Eventgoers also heard from a customer, Ed Zumbiel, president of Zumbiel Digital, who adopted the new PROSPER 6000S digital press and shared opportunities and trends in consumer packaging.

ULTRASTREAM technology, which is the latest in Kodak's digital print technology, has been designed to meet the needs of an OEM model with flexibility and ease of integration, allowing for a full range of applications including commercial print, packaging and labels, and home decor. The technology is expected to be a key growth asset to the division.

“With ULTRASTREAM we continue to raise the bar in inkjet,” EISD President Randy Vandagriff said. He noted the technology's ability to take advantage of the benefits of Stream’s unique drop generation technology that produces round, uniform, satellite-free dots. ULTRASTREAM prints 10 times faster than drop-on-demand by using a single array of printheads.

Kodak announced that its 50 years in inkjet technology will be honored in a display at Carillon History Museum which focuses on Dayton-based innovation. The museum exhibit will be open for employees and the community in fall 2017.

Vandagriff, who kicked off the summit with a meet and greet, said the event was “educational and fun” as part of Kodak’s celebration of 50 years of continuous inkjet innovations.