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Plating Up Some Eye-Catching Print

  • June 28, 2017

John Myers is an accomplished, award-winning commercial photographer. He has completed projects on six continents and in 45 states and runs an award-winning studio, Myers Creative Imaging, in Upstate New York. A shelf full of some of the industry’s most coveted hardware is a testament to his shop's best work. In a career that spans 30 years, John started capturing images on film and then made the transition to digital. In fact, he was one of the photographers invited to test out Kodak’s first digital camera technology.

It was, of course, a different world when he started. The pictures John shot were destined for print campaigns in magazines, newspapers and on billboards. Today, campaigns are spread across multiple channels with the digital domain increasingly dominant. Despite this shift, John is a print guy and loves the way “you can interact with print," which he feels is not possible with digital. While he’s positioned his business to thrive in the digital world, John loves when he gets to work on projects that feature print.

“We work with very discerning people in the ad space – art buyers, directors, and designers. I have always felt that by speaking to them in their language, we can develop a stronger connection. And when they get a chance to do print work, they want beautiful work. To reach designers, you reallly need something amazing that will stand out in the stack of materials they receive everyday.”

To communicate that passion for print, John recently teamed up with Kodak for a project called “PLATED,” which uniquely serves up his creativity by featuring food at its finest through stunning photography and extremely high quality print. For connoisseurs of all types, the dining experience can be a feast for all the senses, very much including the visual. And then there are the characters that bring it all to life – chefs, servers, bartenders. PLATED chronicles five restaurants and some very colorful characters. It’s a project also uniquely suited for print because of all the distinctive details that don’t translate with the same richness when viewed on a digital medium. For this project, John wanted print to bring these qualities to life to grab the attention of his prospective clients. Usually, he would achieve this effect with offset, however, the Kodak team knew his work was ideally suited for the capabilities of the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press, which delivers photographic image quality and has various print enhancement capabilities beyond what’s possible with offset.

Greg Gresock, Vice President, Product Management, Electrophotographic Printing Solutions, Eastman Kodak explained why. “The NEXPRESS Press does basic four-color work exceptionally well and at a low cost, but what sets the technology apart is the machine’s ability to do more to enhance the printed page. For the PLATED project, the NEXPRESS Press brought the vivid colors and imagery to life and delivered the textural feel to complement John’s images by using features such as the matte fuser roller and specialty enhancements like KODAK NEXPRESS Opaque White Dry Ink and the long sheet capability, up to 1-meter. The photos in PLATED are stunning.”

The technology powering these eye-grabbing features in PLATED include Multi-bit LED Technology, which, allows the NEXPRESS Press to achieve photographic image quality, and a fifth imaging unit that provides numerous print enhancement solutions to make printed pieces stand out.

Gresock added, “The innovative technology of the NEXPRESS Platform gives creatives an outlet for their imagination. It speaks the language of designers and is a powerful tool for printers looking to grow their business.” 

PLATED is a sensory experience that John was able to capture by marrying the mastery of his craft with the technology and engineering packed into the NEXPRESS Platform. The project has already picked up four awards from the American Advertising Awards (formerly the ADDYs), the advertising industry's largest and most representative competition. Most importantly, the art buyers that John works with are responding very positively to the quality of the printed imagery and are asking about how it was printed.

“Now that we understand the full arsenal of tools that the NEXPRESS Press provides, we’re already thinking about the next piece to produce. PLATED has become a valuable tool to help us stand out in an exceptionally competitive space,” Myers said.