Kodachrome Kodachrome Kodachrome

Explore Kodachrome - Issue 1

Chloë Sevigny to color theory, Isaac Julien to Super 8 folk music, independent magazine culture to Tad Carpenter on the power of the pencil.

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Kodachrome - Journey into Analog Culture

Kodachrome takes in everything from writing to sculpture, music to graphics, and art across the spectrum.

From the traditional to the avant garde, Kodachrome showcases artists from around the globe. Some will be names you know and others will be names you’ll want to get to know better.



Around the world a new generation has rediscovered the beauty and honesty of analog technology.

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Kodachrome - Issue 2

Tom Beard to children’s books, Handhardt on Warhol to Cosgrove on shooting the moon, practical effects to matchbox art.